Friday, February 15, 2019

Emblazoned Joy

Roger Cichy
Milestones are milestones and although sixty years of the Concord Band’s existence may not seem so long in terms of community bands on average, it’s sixty years of high activity, great music making and creative productivity. Luckily, this fine organization’s initials are C-B-A (standing for the Concord Band Association), but to the composer’s delight, musical notes. So it is appropriate and fitting to emblazon those three notes throughout the fanfare and mark another significant milestone for a musical organization that brings so much joy to its members, and joy to its many audiences. And as uplifting and entertaining as the Concord Band is in its music making, it was in the mind of the composer to capture this by creating a short melodic logo, a sort of musical trademark, for the Concord Band, which is first heard during the announcement section of the fanfare, then fully scored for the final statement of the piece. This fanfare pushes the limits on its scale source by incorporating a raised fourth, just as the Concord Band pushes the limits on what is possible with a community band. —Roger Cichy

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