Saturday, March 2, 2019

Original Works Written for the Concord Band

3/3/67William L. DygertFestive Trumpet
6/29/72Mark C. MudgettYellowstone March
12/8/73Dean M. GrovesThe Elements
2/16/73Christopher MorrisMusic for Winds
3/2/74Christopher MorrisDance Moment
7/17/75Norman Dello JoioSatiric Dances for a Comedy by Aristophanes
7/24/75Thelma Steinberg and Lew TobinConcord, Mass. and The Spirit of 1775
1/17/76William M. Toland and Mark MudgettAdaptations of Colonial Era Music
3/11/78Peter HazzardA Festival Overture
3/10/84Concord Band 25th Anniversary Concert
John BavicchiConcord Bridge
Richard CornellSolar Prominences
Peter HazzardSilver Jubilee Overture
Cheryl LinderConcord Band March
Kurt PhinneyConcertino for Alto Saxophone and Band
Robert SirotaConcord Suite
Douglas TolandPrelude, Fanfare and March
10/26/85William M. TolandConcord 350 March
3/7/87James E. CurnowFive Concord Diversions
3/7/87Peter HazzardToland's March
10/24/87William M. TolandPennyghael
10/22/88James E. CurnowWelsh Variants
4/7/89William M. TolandChiapanecas
10/27/90William M. TolandSuite for Woodwinds
10/26/91Warren BarkerTriumphant Entrance
12/9/94James E. CurnowOverture to a Winter Festival
3/4/95William M. TolandA Short Fanfare for a Happy Occasion
3/4/95William M. TolandSolstice
3/2/96Thomas J. McGahReflections of Emerson
6/26/97William G. McManusFanfare #1
11/1/97Daniel P. LutzDichotomy...Impressions of Kerouac
7/22/98Irving SandersonPeace Treaty March
11/7/98Thomas J. McGahSunsets
3/6/99Stephen BullaNorth Bridge Portrait
6/24/99William G. McManusFanfare ‘99
3/8/03Julie GirouxBoston Liberties
10/28/06Elliot Del BorgoIsraeli Triptych
12/12/08William G. McManusBallad for Boots
3/14/09Concord Band 50th Anniversary Concert
Roger CichyFlowing Pens from Concord
6/30/10William G. McManusFruitlands 25 Fanfare
6/30/10William G. McManusFruitlands 25 Overture
3/5/11Andrew Boysen, Jr.Twilight of the Gods (consortium)
10/27/12William G. McManusElegy
12/7/12Rene Pfister and Jan MankowskiChristmas Eve
4/12/13William G. McManusBlue Sterling: Theme for Jerry
3/2/19Concord Band 60th Anniversary Concert
Roger CichyEmblazoned Joy
Andrew Boysen, Jr.Diamond Jubilee Suite

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