Monday, September 30, 2002

Inaugural Lifetime Service Awards

Bill Burdine
William M. Toland

Lifetime Service Awards to Burdine and Toland

More than a year ago, the Concord Band Board of Directors decided that the time had become right to begin acknowledging publicly outstanding individual efforts on behalf of the Band, and began planning what has become the Concord Band Lifetime Service Award.

The Board's intention is to name individuals whose participation, over a significant span of time, have made a fundamental difference to the Concord Band. Each Award will be expressed in the form of a sentence or two summing up that individual's contribution. An Honor Roll will be created and placed prominently on display in the 51 Walden Lobby, in this way keeping all of these individuals in our collective long-term memory.

At its Fall Concert on October 26, the Band will initiate the Lifetime Service Award by honoring two very worthy retired members of the Band: bassoonist Bill Burdine and Music Director Emeritus William M. Toland.