Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Guest Artist Spotlight: Terry Everson

Guest Artist Terry Everson
Terry Everson is an internationally renowned trumpet soloist, active as performer, educator, composer/arranger and church musician. He first gained international attention in 1988, winning (on consecutive days) both the Baroque/Classical and 20th Century categories of the inaugural Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Competition, with further success as First Prize laureate of the 1990 Louise D. McMahon International Music Competition.

Mr. Everson has premiered major works by composers John Davison, Stanley Friedman, Jan Krzywicki, Elena Roussanova-Lucas, and Gary Ziek. His collaboration with pianist Susan Nowicki has produced two complete recordings of numerous notable modern works, as well as single entries on two discs devoted to the works of Davison and Krzywicki; he has also recorded as soloist with the New England Brass Band, the Lexington Brass Band and the Eastern Wind Symphony. He is a Life Member of the International Trumpet Guild, having served as Conference Host in 1998, and was recently appointed Music Notation Specialist for the Guild’s quarterly Journal.