Thursday, June 12, 2008

Visionary Leadership: Dr William McManus

Music Director Dr William G. McManus
By Laura Finkelstein
Assistant Publicist, The Concord Band

Concord,MA, June 12, 2008 — The words say it all: Concord Band Music Director Dr. William G. McManus was honored in March with the presentation of one of the most distinguished awards given to music educators, the Visionary Leadership Award. This award speaks to his long and admirable career as a music teacher and advocate for music education in the public schools. The award was bestowed by the Administrators in Music Education, a subset of the MMEA (Massachusetts Music Educators' Association).

As Steve Damon wrote in the MMEA Newsletter, "Viewpoint" in a 2004 article entitled "Raising Our Standard": "Here in Massachusetts, when we speak of music education legends, we need only two words: Bill McManus!"