Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Community Band Challenges

Like all the community music groups in the area, The Concord Band was unable to rehearse or perform live music during most of the pandemic. Our last concert as a full ensemble with a live audience was March 2020.

Clarinet quartet at
Fruitlands Museum, Harvard MA.

Despite lockdowns, the band worked hard to stay engaged and keep our musical skills active while staying safe throughout the long year. We held several Zoom meetings to educate each other on various musical topics. We individually recorded and mixed a virtual premiere of a newly commissioned march, The Diamond Baton.

Woodwind quintet at
Hastings Park, Lexington MA.

This summer, we organized ourselves into a wide variety of small ensembles to play some live outdoor concerts at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, and Hastings Park Gazebo in Lexington. Unfortunately, multiple rain cancellations cut into that potential income.

Due to the lack of usual concert income and continuing costs of rent, insurance, and other unavoidable fixed costs, we anticipate being about $15,000 in the red this fiscal year. We are hoping to make up some of that shortfall through donations. We plan to return to a full season of live music starting in October at 51 Walden in Concord and would like to start that season on a firm financial footing. If you can help support us, all contributions of any amount are appreciated and tax deductible.