Friday, July 27, 2018

"Anniversaries" Concert Videos

Saturday, March 3, 2018
The Concord Band
James O’Dell Music Director
Steven Barbas Assistant Conductor

Overture to CandideLeonard Bernstein;
arr. Beeler
Funeral March of a MarionetteCharles Gounod;
arr. Squires
Toccata MarzialeRalph Vaugh Williams
A Trumpeter's LullabyLeroy Anderson;
arr. Lang
Richard Given, trumpet
Three Dance Episodes from
On The Town
Leonard Bernstein;
arr. Stith

"Mars" from The PlanetsGustav Holst
"A Simple Song" from MassLeonard Berstein;
arr. Sweeney

Petite Symphonie  I. Adagio, AllegroCharles Gounod
Irish Tune from County DerryPercy Grainger
Shepherd's Hey: English Morris DancePercy Grainger

One of the Band's long-term projects is to create a comprehensive video archive of concert band literature. The archive documents our performances, helps us to improve musically, and provides a valuable online resource for band programming. You can explore performance videos hosted on our YouTube channel, ConcordBandMA.

The Performance Video Database concept has been created and led by percussionist and executive producer Dan Diamond, and video director Barry Mirrer, with generous technical assistance and resources provided by Concord-Carlisle TV. See feature articles: Performance Video DatabaseVideo Production.

The complete Concord Band Performance Video Database is accessible through a tab at the top of each blog page. You can play a video or view program notes by selecting links in the excerpt shown here.