Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Lifetime Service Awards to Getz and Turkington

In 2002, the Concord Band Board of Trustees introduced the Lifetime Service Award, intended to honor individuals whose participation, over a significant span of time, has made a fundamental difference to the Concord Band. Each Award is expressed in the form of a brief paragraph summing up that individual's contribution. On November 1st, Concord Band Lifetime Service Awards will honor Carl W. Getz and the late Robert E. Turkington.

Carl Getz

Carl Getz, past President and Band Manager of the Concord Band, was originally a flutist. In 1961, he attended a rehearsal to listen and decide whether to purchase a new flute and join the Band. Asked if he played percussion instruments, Carl said no, but he agreed to sit in with the Band to learn how. With the encouragement, advice, patience and friendship of Music Director William Toland, Carl played the bass drum, cymbals, mallet instruments and what he liked to call "kindergarten toys" until his retirement in 1996. For 35 years, Carl's musicianship and leadership proved him to be a devoted and tireless Band and Board member for generations of others to emulate.

Robert Turkington

Throughout his 38 years as trumpeter with the Concord Band, Robert Turkington served in many capacities, from Band Manager to Treasurer. Whether in his regular seat toward the back of the Band or soloing up front with a brass quintet or Dixieland group, Bob was a solid performer. A persevering worker behind the scenes and an enthusiastic ambassador for the Band, he willingly undertook many assignments, often with his family's help, as when his wife Jean organized the annual Holiday Pops. From his first rehearsal in 1960 until his death in July 1998, Bob contributed immensely to the Band's distinction as an outstanding community music organization.

An Honor Roll has been created and is displayed prominently in the 51 Walden lobby to keep these individuals in our collective long-term memory. The first two Awards went to Bill Burdine and William M. Toland.