Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fall Concert 2018

Celebrating Our Heritage
Saturday, October 20, 2018 • 8:00 PM
The Concord Band
 James O’Dell, Music Director
Steven Barbas, Assistant Conductor


James O’Dell conducting
Proud HeritageWilliam Latham
Diamond FanfareSamuel Hazo
Overture to La Forza del DestinoGiuseppe Verdi, trans. Rogers
First Suite in E♭ for Military BandGustav Holst, ed. Fennell
  1. Chaconne
  2. Intermezzo
  3. March
ConcordClare Grundman
Steven Barbas conducting


North Bridge PortraitStephen Bulla
Concord Band commission (1999)
Triumphant EntranceWarren Barker
Concord Band commission (1991)
On A Hymnsong of Philip BlissDavid R. Holsinger
Steven Barbas conducting
Folk DancesDmitri Shostakovich, ed. Reynolds

Proud Heritage

Proud Heritage by American composer William Latham continues to be one of the composer’s most popular works. Considered a processional or concert march, it makes use of the legato of the reeds and baritones in their low range. The French horns also share the spotlight, and climaxes are powerful and brilliant using the brass choir alone for several measures that precede an interesting tone color change. (Source: Band Music Notes, Norman Smith and Albert Stoutamire)

Diamond Fanfare

Diamond Fanfare by contemporary composer Samuel Hazo begins with a percussion trio (timpani, bass drum, and tom tom), which soon climaxes and brings forth a majestic brass and woodwind fanfare followed by a melodic and lyrical chorale. Hazo skillfully brings all symphonic forces to bear in a uniquely formatted and blossoming work. (Source: JRO) 

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