Friday, June 5, 2020

Fantasia Latina Video

To provide you with a preview of forthcoming videos, here is the premiere of Terry White's Fantasia Latina, performed at our Winter Concert, Festival de Música Española, on March 7.

Fantasia Latina was commissioned by Band member Neil Tischler in celebration of his 48 years with the Concord Band. The composition is based on four Latin dance styles: tango, danzon, songo and samba. The extended introduction is intended to introduce idiomatic rhythms and motives that are common to the various styles, such as montuno and 2-3 clave. Unexpected rhythmic and harmonic twists are introduced into each style, intended to keep the performer and listener from settling into a “groove.” For example, there might be an extra measure in a phrase or a very brief harmonic modulation in harmony.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Concord Band Brass Quintet Goes Virtual

Concord Band Virtual Brass Quintet

In mid-April, a few weeks after The Concord Band had been forced to suspend rehearsals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, trumpeter Cindy Blanchard began looking around for musicians to play with virtually. She recruited brass players from the Band, and soon a virtual brass quintet was formed. Rich Given joined Cindy on trumpet, Cam Owen on horn, Peter Norton on trombone, and Chi-Sun Chan on tuba.

The group chose Die Bänkelsängerlieder, a classic in brass quintet literature by an anonymous 17th century itinerant musician (a bänkelsänger or "bench singer"). Ken Troup, President of the Band, helped connect the quintet with Bryce Denney (former Band member and husband of Band horn player Kathryn Troup Denney), who provided the technical expertise needed make the separate recordings and combine them into one performance.

Bryce coached the group on how to prepare their individual recordings, and Rich and Sun provided practice tracks to get everyone playing at the same tempo and in the same style. After some test runs, Bryce combined and edited the audio and video to create the final version. This is a time-consuming process, and the quintet would like to thank Bryce for his time, dedication, and expertise! The Concord Band would like to thank them all for a splendid gift.

If you enjoy the quintet and the Concord Band, consider making a donation to the Band to keep it going during these uncertain times.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Festival de Música Española Audio Recordings

Winter 2020 Concert Poster
Winter Concert 2020 Poster

El RelicarioJosé Padilla
Carmen SuiteGeorges Bizet; trans. Buckley
1. Les Toréadors
2. Habanera
4. Nocturne
5. Danse Bohéme
Volver a la MontañaShelley Hanson
La Mezquita de CórdobaJulie Giroux
Amparito RocaJamie Texidor;
arr. Winter
Fantasia LatinaTerry White
Saxophone QuartetAldemaro Romero
Choro y Tango
La Bamba de Vera CruzTerig Tucci;
arr. Hunsberger

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