Friday, March 29, 2024

Spotlight: Olga Lisovska

Olga Lisovska

A native of Kyiv, Ukraine, Olga Lisovska holds degrees from Middlebury College, École Normale de Musique d'A. Cortot in Paris, France and L'Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris, France. Hailed as "soprano extraordinaire" by WBUR, Olga is a critically acclaimed classical soprano, whose career involves both singing on prestigious concert stages, teaching, coaching, and producing performances, events, and festivals.

Olga produced award-winning operas at Commonwealth Lyric Theater, a Boston-based opera company, and Talents of the World's Annual Music Festival at Carnegie Hall. As a performer, Ms. Lisovska’s concerts have been featured on Ukrainian, Italian and American TV and radio, including on the Today Show and WBUR.

Olga is also a founder of a nonprofit organization, Music, Arts and Fashion Productions, whose mission is to promote the arts and to educate.

Ms. Lisovska is a sought-after voice teacher. As diction and public speaking coach she has been working with Tanglewood Festival Chorus at Boston Symphony, AstraZeneca pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, with Odyssey Opera, and New England Conservatory, among others.

Being a passionate connector, Olga serves as Managing Partner at Sky International Center, the largest international social, cultural and business network of 25,000 members in New England. Since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Olga co-founded Sky Philanthropy, a non-profit organization, which supports people in crisis. Sky Philanthropy produced two Boston Ukrainian Festivals, which were attended by over 3,000 people (in 2022) and 5,000 people (in 2023) and were featured in major news outlets. Ms. Lisovska has been giving performance lectures about Ukrainian music and song literature to audiences ranging from children, to university students, adults and seniors.

Olga’s life purpose is to inspire positive change through connections for life, coaching and art performances.