Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bright-Colored Dances

Composer Lewis Buckley writes, “Each of the four movements of Bright Colored Dances represents a visual image of motion to me. In the first, ‘Butterfly Yellow’, a beautiful golden ball of light finds a dark, empty stage. The ball of light floats out onto the stage, hesitant at first, then breaks into a joyful dance. In the second movement, ‘Clarinet Green’, graceful classical dance is the image, represented by the clarinet, whose beautiful middle range has always appeared green to me. The third movement, ‘Comic Royal Purple’, presents that haughty, empty-headed public official whom we all know, strutting around all puffed up with self-importance. The tuba cadenza perfectly represents this ridiculous dolt. ‘Tarantella Red’ is both a tribute to my Italian heritage and a vivid image of excited, emotional dancers surrounded by an enthusiastic, clapping crowd. I have always envisioned the tarantella in tones of red.” (Source: Lewis Buckley)

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