Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blue Sterling: Theme for Jerry

Concord Band Music Director Emeritus, Dr. William G. McManus, was commissioned by the family of Concord Band alto saxophonist Dr. Gerald Kriedberg, Blue Sterling is subtitled “Theme for Jerry”. The piece reflects the style of music that Jerry loved most and enjoyed playing—big band jazz and swing. After an introduction by the full band, the solo alto introduces the main theme based on a minor blues progression. The second section features a saxophone soli, once again based on a blues progression, but this time in a major key. After a restatement of the opening solo section, the full band plays a “shout chorus” in typical “big-band style” while the solo alto improvises over the band. The piece closes with a final restatement of the main minor blues theme by the solo alto. (Source: W. G. McManus)

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