Sunday, October 1, 1995

William M. Toland Named Music Director Emeritus

William M Toland
Music Director Emeritus
When Bill Toland retired last spring after 33 years as Music Director of the Concord Band, he could reasonably assume that his association with the Band had come to an end. The Band's Board of Trustees, however, couldn't quite see it that way. They decided shortly after Bill had announced his retirement to them in 1992 to appoint him Music Director Emeritus, a permanent appointment that would continue his affiliation with the Concord Band for life. The announcement of the appointment took place at Bill's retirement dinner on May 20 at the Concord Elks Club.

Attended by well over 100 current and former members of the Concord Band and their guests, the party was a festive occasion, with musical entertainment provided by a pick-up group of Band members who sounded as though they had been rehearsing for months.

Bill has since moved with his wife, Beth, and two daughters to Marquette, Michigan, where Beth will be a medical resident in Family Medicine, having received her MD in June. All of us in the Band think of Bill often, and as soon as our Board of Trustees figures out exactly what Bill's responsibilities as Music Director Emeritus are, he'll be the next to know. We are sure that he will be asked to visit whenever he can, to continue to write music for us and then to conduct premiere performances.