Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Redwoods

Inspired by the beauty, power and majesty of the redwood, Rossano Galante’s The Redwoods begins with a heroic/romantic trumpet melody accompanied by woodwind arpeggios, punctuated by brass rhythms. After a transition, the opening melody is followed by the rich, lush main theme, which is stated in the horns and woodwinds. After the main theme has undergone variations in orchestration, a new section follows, with the upper woodwinds playing a second, delicate statement reminiscent of a music box. The new theme is heard once more but played in a heroic manner by the trumpets and trombones, in juxtaposition with the original “music box” statement. The main theme recapitulates and, as each theme returns, it is heard with a change of instrumentation and accompaniment. A brass fanfare takes one to the end of the piece, culminating in a grand climax. (Source: Published Score)

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