Friday, February 21, 2020

Neil Tischler Sponsors New Commission

Neil Tischler
Terry White’s Fantasia Latina has been commissioned by Concord Band percussionist Neil Tischler “in celebration of his 48 years with the Concord Band.” Neil wanted to note this milestone with a second commissioned piece that would be published and available to symphonic wind ensembles and bands worldwide. Neil’s first commission for the Band was Dixieland Live! by Lewis Buckley in 2001.

Neil joined the Concord Band at the beginning of the 1972 season after moving to Acton MA from upstate New York. Although he joined his high school band in eighth grade as a percussionist and played throughout high school, Neil had little opportunity to play music while in college and the beginning of his engineering career. So he was very happy to discover the Concord Band and to be able to play with a large ensemble once again.

As a mechanical engineer specializing in product design for 36 years, Neil helped design several medical devices. One was a circulatory support system that provided temporary support for one or both sides of the natural human heart in circumstances where the heart had failed. Best of all, as the last project of his career, he helped create the Solea Dental Laser that is changing the way dentistry is performed; the Solea eliminates the needle and the air drill and thus has the potential to positively affect people’s lives throughout the world.

For our percussion section, Neil has built numerous items that make it easier for the section to play band pieces. These include his unique rolling cymbal stand and modified temple block holder. Neil also constructed a stage support for our grand piano and custom risers for band members. For many years, he’s been the primary drum set player for Dixieland and other jazz or pop numbers. Neil is also well known for his nature photography and has been a longtime provider of outstanding prints of birds and flowers for the Band’s annual raffle. He and his wife Regina continue to live in Acton. The Concord Band is grateful to Neil for his life-long contributions to the Band and to wind band literature.