Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lifetime Service Award Given to Percussionist Daniel S. Diamond

Daniel S. Diamond
In 2002 the Concord Band Board of Trustees introduced the Lifetime Service Award to honor individuals whose participation, over a significant span of time, has made a fundamental difference to the Concord Band. At its 50th Anniversary Concert, it was awarded to Daniel S. Diamond.

His award plaque reads as follows:
Percussionist Dan Diamond joined the Band in 1970 and has served on its Board almost continuously since then. He has worked tirelessly as fundraiser, organizer of mailings, designer and printer of programs, posters and newsletters, mover of percussion equipment, liaison with outside organizations and on many other tasks. Along the way Dan has been responsible for many innovative improvements, such as the Band logo, the fundraising database, the production of concert and commercial CDs and videos, the Band’s mission statement, percussion cabinets, the pops raffle, the newsletter and the Lifetime Service Award program. The Band truly would not be where it is today without Dan’s thoughtful guidance and selfless contributions.
An Honor Roll is displayed prominently in the 51 Walden lobby listing all those who have received this very special award.

Past Award recipients have been Bill Burdine and William Toland (2002), CarlGetz and Robert Turkington (2003), GeneParish and William R. Phelan (2004), EdRichter and Bill Siebert (2005), Jerry Welts (2006), Barbara Cataldo (2007) and Dr.William G. McManus (2008).

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