Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011 Fall Concert


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Concord Band

James O’Dell, Music Director
Steven Barbas, Assistant Conductor
Keith Brion, Guest Conductor


James O’Dell conducting
American Overture for BandJoseph Willcox Jenkins (b. 1928)
Hymn to YerevanAlan Hovhaness (1911-2000)
Second Suite for Military Band in FMajor Gustav Holst (1874-1934)
  1. March
  2. Song Without Words “I’ll Love My Love”
  3. Song of the Blacksmith
  4. Fantasia on the “Dargason”
ContinuumRobert Buckley (b. 1946)


Keith Brion conducting
Dwellers of the Western WorldJohn Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
  1. The Red Man
  2. The White Man
  3. The Black Man
The Boy Scouts of AmericaJohn Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
James O’Dell conducting
The GuideNoah D. Taylor (b.1982)
Keith Brion conducting
The National GameJohn Philip Sousa (1854-1932)

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